SugarlandSugarland is hands down my favorite mainstream country act at the moment. They are having a roll of number ones right now on the country charts, having their past three singles go number one. By the sound of it “Joey” seems more than capable of keeping that streak up. The song has a great  sounding chorus, it falls kind of flat lyrically though. I really like the story of the song. It talks about losing a loved one in a car accident. Jennifer Nettles goes through the grief of losing her boyfriend and starts to blame herself and a number of what if’s pop-up. At the end she wonders whether Joey had tried to reach out to her before dieing. Nettles does a great job singing and the production fits the song perfectly. The song has been criticized lyrically for being to vague, but personally I think the vague lyrics make the song more easy to connect with. So, once again good job Sugarland.

Grade: A-