Today I have made a list of Micheal Jackson’s number ones on the Hot 100 chart in order of how much I like each one. This is my own little tribute to his musical genius since as the whole world knows by now Micheal Jackson has died. Micheal Jackson has had 13 number ones in total. So, without further ado here is my list.

13-Bad: This song is catchy, but to be honest I find it a little hard to believe that MJ is “bad”.

12- Ben: It’s cool to hear MJ singing at such a young age. He had a great voice even then. This is a sweet song, but it’s kind of funny to think it’s about a pet rat. Still he sings it with a shocking passion at such a young age and you can see his budding talent very clearly.

11- Black or White: This song has such a great message against racism. He tells the world that doesn’t matter what race or culture you’re from. My problem with this song  is that i don’t really like the production all that much.

10-The Way You Make Me Feel: I just really like this song. It’s simple and effective. Just a great feel good song.

9- Rock With You: This song has a really cool and sly beat. It has a great disco flavor. Not much else to say about other than it’s a really good song.

8- You Are Not Alone: The production is bit obvious and over used, but it’s still sweet song. It also helps that MJ does an amazing job of singing it. It does have very nice lyrics too.

7-I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (duet with Siedah Garrett): This song’s might be a little corn, but I’d take some of this corny stuff any day. Garrett is a great singer and does a heck of a job here. The drum is pretty awesome too.

6-Dirty Diana: It has an opening very similar to “Beat It” and it is his second rock single, but it’s very different. This song is more hard rock to me. In a way the song has lyrics similar to “Billie Jean”, as well, but none the less still great.

5-Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough: Another one of his disco songs and even better than “Rock With You”. I absolutely love Micheal Jackson’s voice in this, which sounds different than it does in most of his songs.

4- Beat It: MJ’s first venture into the rock world was his greatest in this genre. He wanted to create a rock song and I think he succeeded to say the least. The video is equally as good.

3- Say Say Say (w/ Paul McCartney): Jackson’s only the featured artist in this song, but that doesn’t make it any less great. The two of them do a great job singing.Sonically it’s great too, but the best part of the song without a doubt is the lyrics.

2-Billie Jean: Everything about this song is perfect or close to it. From the awesome beat to the bone-chilling lyrics to MJ’s vocal hiccups. The fact that the song is based on true events in Jackson’s life only makes it better. It’s no wonder that this became his most successful song ever.

1- Man in the Mirror: I actually heard this song for the first time only recently and I instantly liked it! This song has a great message that I think the world needs to listen to more than ever. People who want to change the world need to change themselves first. Furthermore, the gospel joining him in the end, just awesome. This song is so beautifully honest, it’s just plain amazing and a timeless classic.