Notionkings_After releasing the masterful “Use Somebody”, Kings of Leon are back with “Notion”. Well, for starters, “Notion” isn’t nearly as good as “Use Somebody”. It’s understandable considering the latter is probably one of the best songs of 2009 so far, but when I say isn’t nearly as good I mean that “Notion” just isn’t very good at all.

The biggest problem with this song is the lyrics. The first couple of times I heard the song I didn’t even know what the singer was saying. So I checked the lyrics online and I must say they make very little sense. I read somewhere that the song is suppose to about the band pushing back against any negative things people say about someone in the band. So that explains the chorus, except for the “you’ve been there before” part. But the rest of lyrics make no sense! At first the bizarreness of them might come off as intriguing, but that fades on repeated listens.

Luckily the production and instrumental parts of it are quite good. The thing is that it sounds like the instrumental part was the main priority and the lyrics were a second thought. The singing is good too, but I find that the singer kind of oversings, because he puts such passion into a song that just doesn’t seem to require that much, but I suppose that it’s better than not singing with enough passion when you should be.

Grade: C