Only_You_Can_Love_Me_This_Way_After releasing two very pop/rock and uptempo country songs Urban brings it down a couple of notches for his new single. More traditionalist country listeners will probably be disappointed with this single, because it’s basically the ballad equivalent of “Sweet Thing” and “Kiss a Girl” genre wise. Though his more pop-oriented fans should be pleased.

Like I just idicated the song has a nice pop/rockish melody and production. The lyrics are kind of clichéd; “And you’re always in my heart/You’re always on my mind/When it all becomes too much/You’re never far behind.” Keith is able to make the lyrics more interesting than they are at times, like when he sings: “And there’s no one that comes close to you/Could ever take your place.” Unfortunately, he isn’t able to all of the time. Sadly this song can be quite boring at times, but Urban does step it up occasionally. It’s also nice to see him try to sing something with some substance again, though he has done much better in the past. Still a fair effort, though.

Grade: B-