break     To be honest I wan’t expecting much from this song. About a year and half ago Colbie Caillat burst onto the music scene with her debut single “Bubbly. “Bubbly” ecame a big top five hit and went number one on all sorts of AC charts. After “Bubbly” Colbie Caillat failed to have another big hit though. It might sound harsh, but I thought Colbie Caillat was going to become a one hit wonder and just fade away. The first single of her upcoming album could very well stop that from happening, actually it kind of already has, last week it debuted at number twelve in the U.S. making it her second highest charting single at the moment.

     Commercial success and whether a song is any good are two very different things though. Luckily this song deserves it’s success. The song starts of with  a very nice melody. Caillat voice compliments the melody very nicely. The concept of the song is by no means original, but luckily Colbie sings it well enough to prevent from being boring. In fact her voice makes the song very interesting to listen to.

The bottom line is that “Fallin’ For You” is not remotely ground-breaking, but it does have a really good melody and Colbie Caillat does a great job of singing it. It is definelty her best single yet and it might actually interest me enough to give her new alum a listen.

Grade: B+