Shakira’s new single “She Wolf” is the lead single of her first album in four she wolfyears. The last time she released an english album her song “Hips Don’t Lie” became the biggest single of the year worldwide. One could argue that is because it didn’t sound like any other song that was released that year. “She Wolf” also doesn’t sound like any out right now, but it has a very big electropop influence, so it doesn’t sound as alien to the rest of this year’s mainstream music market the way “Hips Don’t Lie” did in 2006.

       The song starts with some funky beats and robotic voice saying “SOS she is in disguise”. Then Shakira starts singing in her natural face-paced voice with her unmistakable latin accent.. She does a fine a job of singing the song, though her voice does sound a little robotic again at the chorus, but I think that might just be because the song’s beat becomes louder than her voice. The song’s beat  is also a lot more futuristic compared to her regular songs with their latin style beats.

       The songs lyrics aren’t so great, though. They aren’t the most intelligent at times. For example, at one point she sings: “I’m starting to feel just a little abused/Like a coffee machine in an office. Plus, some of the lyrics don’t roll up the tongue so smoothly with Shakira’s fast-pace singing. The wolf howl sound in the middle of the chorus and the panting at the end of it seem very rushed and awkwardly out of place which makes it annoying to listen to.

       This song sounds like t’s going to be a big smash. It’s better than a lot of the songs that have been at number one lately, especially in the U.S., but this isn’t one of Shakira’s strongest singles.

Grade: C+