dierks       At the moment Dierks Bentley is on at bit of a roll at country radio, with both of his singles from his most recent album Feel That Fire checking in at number one. Now he’s releasing his first ballad from the album. I’m sure it will become a top five hit or maybe even go number one. I don’t think it will have much of a lasting affect on both the charts and our memories, though. Like many songs that chart well on the country charts this year, I think it will quickly fall off the charts. I don’t think we’ll be talking about this song for long neither, because to be honest it isn’t quite memorable.

       Musically I find it a little too similar to some of his previous hits. Many have said that the song is a lesser version of his old number one hit “Come a Little Closer”, and sadly they’re right. Bentley doesn’t give the most memorable vocal performance either.

       It seems that ever since releasing Feel That Fire Dierks Bentley’s single have been getting worse. And I don’t just mean that his recent singles are worse than the great ones from his last studio album, I also mean that each single he’s released from FTF is a little worse than the one before. Hopefully by the time his next album comes around he’ll get off this slope he’s going down with this album from a critical point of view.

Grade: C