jamey johnson       Jamey Johnson is simply as traditional as you get in today’s mainstream country, or at least partially of mainstream. His last album That Lonesome Song was a favorite of the critics and got a lot of Album of Year or Best Country Album of the year nominations. The lead single from that album, “In Color”, was highly praised as well and became his first and to date only top hit. Hopefully his latest single will change that.

       To put things simple this is a really great song were Johnson trades in his fast life in an attempt to find that special someone. Johnson’s not a great singer in pure vocal range, but he’s an excellent singer when it comes to emoting. Plus his low raspy suits the song well. Is has a great production too that starts of eerily and builds up as the song progresses. My only complaint about the production is that it drowns out Johnson’s voice at the beginning of the bridge. With this song Johnson continues to prove that he is one of modern day country’s greatest.

Grade: A