After checking the updated charts today on the Billboard website I noticed that Jason Marz’s song “I’m Yours” has spent 66 weeks on the chart, making it the second longest run on the Hot 100 in the charts history. At the the moment it is only behind LeAnn Rimes’s “How Do I Live”. I say at the moment because “I’m Yours” has rebounded from 32 to 29 this week. Even though I like Trisha Yearwoods version of “How Do I Live” better, I stilled enjoyed LeAnn’s version. I orginally like “I’m Yours”, but after hearing many many times I’ve come to find it very annoying. Even though it looks inevitable, I’m hoping that Jason Marz doesn’t break LeAnn’s record. I wouldn’t mind it as much if he tied it, but it will bother if he beats it (though at this point it’s more like when).

What’s your opinion on the situation? Are you rooting for Jason Marz or do you want LeAnn Rimes to keep the record?