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  I know Ive been saying that I would write this review for awhile now, but give me a break its my first album review and it took awhile to get the album since I don’t download my music. Anyways, without further ado, here is my first album review.

       The album starts off very strong with it’s lead single “Her Diamonds”, which is a really great song. It sets the tone for the rest of the album lyrically and tone wise. The album doesn’t have any real fun songs, the songs on this album have to do with real life problems and trubles that people go through. This means that most of the songs can be very relatable. The albums funest song is probablythe third track “Give Me the Meltdown”, production wise anyways, it kind of falters lyricaly, though.

       The next truly great song is “Someday”. Lyricaly it is very relatable and sonically it is close to perfect. It is then followed up by another great song; “Mockingbird”. Though not as great the next few songs stay pretty consistantly good throughout.

       Some of the albums best tracks are saved for the end though. Songs like “Snowblind”,  “Wonderful”, and the title track are pretty great. In fact “Swonblind” is definetly one of the top tracks on the alum if not the top.

       Even though some of the songs might not be very original, Rob Thomas gives us a very solid album with the kind of pop/rock tunes that we rarely hear anymore. Which is a shame, because as you can tell by listening to this album we need more music like this. It also shows us that Rob Thomas doesn’t care about being a huge a commercial success, he cares about making music that matters to him. And as a listener you can’t help but have respect for an artist like that.