In the past couple of years digital downloading has become the number one way of buying music. People might think that it is the best thing that ever happened to the music market, because people download songs a hell of a lot more than they used to buy CD singles. However, I can see a lot of negatives to counter those positives. In this post I will explain my feelings towards digital downloading.

       On a positive side, websites like iTunes make it a lot easier to get music and a lot cheaper, which helps a lot during these hard times with the economy. I never really liked the idea of having all the songs one price, but I accepted it knowing that if different songs were priced differently it could become a problem, because who’s to say which song is better than which. So I wasn’t hugely thrilled when they made the price range.

       Unfortunately sites like LimeWire  make it possible for people to download music for free. I don’t think that’s fair because it doesn’t help the artist or their record label make money when they deserve it. If more and more people were to start using these kinds of websites it can do some very serious damage to music sales, singles and albums a like! I know it’s a long shot, but it’s still a possibility despite how far fetched it might seem.

       Despite how much digital downloading has helped sinlge sales, it hasn’t been able to save the decreasing album sales. Some could argue that they have gotten better since earlier this year, which is true, but compared to how well album used to sell in earlier decades and even in the earlier 2000’s, how much they’re selling now is tiny.

       My final thought on the situation isn’t about how well songs and albums sell or whether singers and their record labels are being cheated out of money they deserve. It’s about the stores that sell the music. The more we download stuff from the internet the less money they make. And each year the amount of music downloaded continues to increase, so ten years down the road from now we might not even have stores that sell music anymore, and if that were to happen a lot of people are going to lose their jobs. It might seem like I’m stretching it again, but if you think about this scenario it isn’t all that far fetched. Even now in modern day we can see that people don’t buy as much from music stores as they used to.

       Well stated my opinion on digital downloading and how I think it effects the music market, now I’d love hear from you readers and what you think. Also feel free to vote last week’s Weekly Poll (Weekly Poll #4), especially if you are too shy or just don’t feel like commenting.