funhouseFor P!nk’s fourth and final single she has decided, or rather her record label has decided to release her most recent album’s title track. From a commercial point of view it is probably the best choice to be the last single from her album, but from a critical point of view I can’t help but wish that “Crystal Ball” was released instead, even if it wouldn’t be a big hit for her.

This song does have a fun beat, but it is very similar to The Tings Tings “Shut Up” and Let Me Go”. I mean really similar. The songs the kind of up-tempo and fun song that’s in the same vein¬†of the album’s first single “So What”. Except this time she trades in the “na na na” for “do do do”. Unfortunately, like “So What”, “Funhouse” is fun to listen to the first few times, but doesn’t have a lot of substance to fall back on.

When the song reaches it’s bridge the song transforms into a bluesy song. Normally that would be pretty cool, but it sounds rather out of place in this song. Luckily, the blesy feel quickly vanishes and returns to it’s regular up-tempo pop self.

I’ve probably made this song sound horrible, and maybe it does in theory, but when you are actually listening to the song it’s quite fun. The big minus is that the beat is way to similar to “Shut Up and Let Me Go”. If you’re in the mood for some not to serious summer fluff then you will probably love “Funhouse” and for the rest of us, well at least it’s bearable.

Grade: C