Print   Every once and awhile I will recommend a song that I like and have been listening to lately or just happened to cross my mind. Sometimes I might be asking for recommendations so that’s when you readers will come in.

       The first ever recommend a song is “Who’d Have Known” by UK singer Lily Allen. In the past couple of months I started listening to her music and really liked. I was listening to her sophomore album, It’s Not Me, It’s You, the other day, so when I decided to do this post today she was one of the first artist I thought of. Then it was just a task of choosing what song to pick from the album, because I could recommend just about every song on the album. I decided to go with “Who’d Have Known”. It’s a sweet simple ballad where the narrative finds herself surprised that she seems to have fallen in love. The song is very sincere and relateable. A very nice song.