already gone“My Life Would Suck Without You” and “I Do Not Hook Up” were two pleasantly entertaining pop ditties. After awhile their charm started to fade, though. So for All I Ever Wanted‘s third single her label has released something with more substance. It’s not  surprising that it turns out to be the best single released from the album to date. It also stirred some controversy since the song sounds similar to Beyoncé’s song “Halo” and has the same producer Ryan Tedder. Clarkson claims that she didn’t want “Already Gone” released as a single and that she never even heard of “Halo” while her and Ryan were making the song. To be honest I don’t they sound all that familiar so that shall not affect my review of the song.

       “Already Gone” is probably the most haunting song released so far this year. It’s lyrics are of a relationship coming to a halt. The narrator admits that they still love their significant other, but knows that it’s time to let go and leave, so that they can be happy, Her vocal performance is equally as haunting. Clarkson gives a strong and solid vocal performance, but that’s not anything unusual for her. It’s her best since “Because of You”.

Despite all of the controversy that has surrounded the song, accusing Kelly Clarkson of ripping of Beyoncé “Already Gone” is still a truly great song. And for the record it’s better than “Halo”. If people want to give “Already Gone” the cold shoulder because of that then it’s their lose.

Grade: A-