need you now  A couple of weeks ago Lady A had just scored their first number one with the song “I Run To You”. Now they are already releasing the lead single from their sophomore album, which is suppose to be out early 2010. Like their past few singles “Need You Now” is decent, but not great, the only exception being “Looking For a Good Time” which I’ve always really liked.

       Musically, lyrically, and vocally the song is pretty solid, though not exceptional. In the chorus they sing about being a little drunk and feeling that they need each other. That kind of theme/lyrics could of led to a very humorous and witty song, but that is not the case. “Need You Now” is a serious mid-tempo song. Something that does bug me about the song is that it actually had a brief moment of lyrical genius with the line “I guess I’d rather hurt than feel nothing at all“. I find that this is becoming something common Lady Antebellum, they have brief flashes compelling lyrics in most of their songs. It shows me that they have the potential to write something that can be really great, they just haven’t truly tapped into it yet.

        At least their music quality has been consistently decent, but like I said before it has yet to be truly great. I guess it’s better than constantly releasing crap, though.

Grade: B