celebration  “Celebration” is Madonna’s brand new single and one of two new tracks from her upcoming greatest package, also titled Celebration.  It is coming out September 28th for all those who are interested in picking up a copy. The track pays homage to some of Madonna’s dance-music roots will still being very modern with a sleek production and pulsing beat.

“Celebration” is a  fun, up-tempo, fast, very catchy and addictive song. The production is amazing. What it is not is a poetic masterpiece. That’s not to say that it has really bad lyrics, it just isn’t anything that is compelling or really all that special. They do get stuck in your head, though, but that’s because of the beat, which like I said before is amazing. So, if you’re in the mood for some rather mindless and fun dance music, then you should take this over everything Lady Gaga’s been releasing in the past year.

Grade: B+