play on   Just when Carrie was starting to win me over with her past couple of singles she releases “Cowboy Casanova”. If anyone thought that she might be taking a more traditional route after releasing “I Told You So”, then guess again. “Cowboy Casanova” is probably her least country song yet. The song sounds like one of those very up-tempo pop/rock tunes from around the early nineties.

       To be honest I was suprised to find she was already releasing a single. I had just heard about her upcoming album earlier this week, then out of nowhere came “Cowboy Casanova”. I read that the reason for that was because an unfinished version had been leaked so her record label rush-released it.

       The song starts off with a short clip of Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man”. It then changes to very loud guitars and an”ohh ohh” chant. Like I mentioned earlier the production isn’t very country at all and it’s very loud and too fast-paced in my opinion. Now don’t get me wrong, I like fast music too. It’s just that I find Carrie has a hard time keeping up with it while she sings certain parts, she’s practically rapping certain lines in the chorus.

Lyrically it’s sort of similar to “Before He Cheats”, except this this instead of vandalising his car she just attempts to warn another woman who’s interested in him.In theory it’s not all that bad of a song lyrically, I’m just not too keen on the production or how fast Carrie sings it at certain points (which I could also blame the production for). Hopefully this is just to get people excited to buy the album (as it is sure to be big on both the country and pop charts) and the rest of the album will be more like her last two singles “Just a Dream” and “I Told You So”.