vv       VV Brown’s last single, the amazing “Shark in the Water”, managed to become her first song to actually chart in the UK and managed to be her first top 40 hit too. For her fourth single she decide to once again release something more mainstreamish sounding, though it fails to be as great as “Shark in the Water”.

       I actually wouldn’t be surprised if “Game Over” managed to become a bigger hit than “Shark”, because it is very loud and has a great beat. Like the rest of VV’s singles “Game Over” is about a bad relationship, this one as you might have suspected by the title is about a bad relationship coming to an end. The chorus has a great hook lyrically and melodically (“It don’t mean a thing ‘cos I don’t wanna mess around with a joker/ And I don’t really care ‘cos this is my life not a game of poker/ And I don’t give a damn, my heart made me drunk but my mind is sober“).

       I suppose what truly sets “Shark in th Water” from “Game Over” is that the former of the two started off all sweet and breezy and then out of nowhere perhaps the greatest chorus of 2009 comes around and runs you over like a bull on steroids. “Game Over” doesn’t have a surprising twist like that. Even though it’s a very good song it’s still pretty predictable. I’m still hoping that it manages to be VV”s breakthrough single though.

Grade: B+