Well, what a crazy ride Rihanna’s been on in the past few years. After releasing her Good Girl Gone Bad album back in 2007 she became the biggest female popstar, actually make that the biggest popstar period, in the world. Then just when it seemed like nothing would be able to stop Rihanna and her commercial hot streak, the Chris Brown incident occurs. You can clearly see the reflection of those events in “Russian Roulette”. It starts off with and eerie guitar and then Rihanna starts singing about, wait for it, actually playing a game russian roulette. That’s right, it’s not some kinky double entendré  we’ve come to expect from Rihanna, it’s actually about playing the game russian roulette. The song supplies us with the creepiest lyrics Rihanna has ever sung; “Take a gun, and count to three” and “As my life flashes before my eyes/I’m wondering will I ever see another sunrise?“. This is definitely one of Rihanna’s strongest singles to date and has made me look at Rihanna in a new light.

Grade: A-