Brad Paisley is currently country radio’s number one hit maker, his last single “Welcome to the future” broke his streak of 10 consecutive number singles on the country charts and it peaked at number two! While I have to admit his chart success has been remarkable to say the least I also feel that it hasn’t been very deserved. He has proven that he can be a very talented artist on songs like “When I Get Where I’m Going”, “Letter To Me”, and “Waiting on a Woman”, which makes it all the more annoying when he releases songs like “Online” and “I’m Still a Guy”. Luckily, his latest singles seem to be moving away from his failed attempts at comedy to something more mature.

    “American Saturday Night” is far from being brilliant, but it’s a fun look at how much America is influenced by other countries and their cultures. Similar to “Welcome to the Future”, “American Saturday Night” is conscious to America’s ever-changing society, while still being light-hearted. Sure it would have probably been more interesting if it was something more compelling and serious, but this is still a decent slice of country music, plus the reference to Canadian bacon pretty much ensured that it would get a passing grade.

Grade: B