Unlike some, I believe that 2009 has actually had a decent amount of great songs, that said it’s also had it’s fair share of crap as well. The more I reflected on the year the more I realized what a bad year music had. A special shout out should go to Flo-Rida who released a lot of mediocre music but didn’t make the list. Pitbull should also get a special mention, one of his songs did make the list, but he’s released more than just one bad song. Anyway, without further ado here is what I believe are the ten worst songs of 2009!

10. “No Surprise”, Daughtry

Dull, boring, and it sounds like just about every other thing they’ve recorded. They’ve become more generic than Nickelback.

9. “Boom Boom Pow”, Black Eyed Peas

Maybe next time Will.i.am should come up with some lyrics to go with his catchy beat.

8. “Fire Burning”, Sean Kingston

Look who decided to jump onto the electro-pop money train. He still sticks to his reggae-rap, which comes off as very annoying instead of charming like it was on his debut single. Plus, does anyone else find it creepy that he refers to this girl’s butt as birthday cake?

6. “Video Phone”, Beyoncé feat. Lady Gaga

The two biggest women in music right now join forces to give us one of the year’s worst songs. Then again what more should we have expected from a song about filming dirty videos on one’s cell phone? Gaga only does more damage to this ridiculous song instead of making it better. At least their other collaboration is better…..

7. “I Love College”, Asher Roth

Look guys it’s the theme song for losers who’s lives reached their peak during their college days.

5. “That Thang”, Fast Ryde

Did they really just say “she got that junk like a trailer yard”? Would any self-respecting woman take that as a compliment? Wait, did they  just call her butt a “dong dong dong dong”? Is this the worst country song of the year? Yes, No, Yes, Yes.

4. “Replay”, Iyaz

This is the year’s best example of europop trying to disguise itself as hip-hop, which has been one of the year’s most annoying trends.

3. “I Know You Want Me”, Pitbull

A terrible song that sadly managed to become a big hit this year. It also takes the cake for the worst reference of a women’s butt this year with the line “mama’s got an ass like a donkey”. The song is incredibly arrogant and Pitbull tries to come  of as a smooth player, but ends up coming off as a sex-crazed jackass. He follows up with another crappy single that continues to build on his awful image.

2. “You’re a Jerk”, New Boyz

This song is pure crap. It’s annoying, cocky, and obnoxious. It’s bad enough to make me want to punch the next person who says “you’re a jerk” in the face. This is just awful, it narrowly avoids the top spot of this list.

1. “Summer Girl”, Stereos

Most people who tumble across this blog will probably have no idea what this song or who this band is. Stereos is a crappy band that ma, It had a fairly large impact on the Canadian charts this year. This particular song is their biggest hit  and almost went number one in Canada. This is a model of  what all bad songs require; shitty vocals, mediocre melodies, lyrics that are so bad that they make you laugh, and then some mildly catchy syllable that’s repeated multiple times to disguise the rest of the songs flaws. In other words the singer’s voice is super auto-tuned and the beats kind of catchy but are nothing special. Lyrics include: “Let’s make it happen, shawty”, “Shake it, shake it for me/nobody else around”, and my personal favorite “So I’ll be me/Shawty you be you” and the chorus involves the constant repeating of “do wop do wop”. This is what I consider to be the worst song of the year, I hope you have all enjoyed taking a look at some of the worst offerings the music world has given us this year. Up next, the best of the year countdowns!