I’m sorry that these are so late and I realize that it’s already 2010, I know for next year to start working on my lists earlier.  After comparing it to many other end of year lists I realized that I have a lot of songs that aren’t on most critic’s list, I’m going hope that is because they haven’t heard of some of those missing songs and not because I have bad music tastes. Anyway, here is my 20 best pop songs of 2009 list.

20. “Broken Strings”, James Morrison feat. Nelly Fertado

I really like the lyrics of this song and Morrison has a decent voice and interpretes the lyrics well.

19. “Happy”, Leona Lewis

This song could have easily made my top ten if it had been sung by a better interpretive singer. Still, Lewis does a decent job with this song about taking chances in life to be happy, despite the risk of failing and getting hurt. Plus, she hits an awesome note at around 2:40.

18. “The Fear”, Lily Allen

Lily Allen takes a judgemental swipe at the celebrity lifestyle. The lyrics are clever and witty. Sure some lines (” I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore”) are a bit clichéd, but others ( “Now I’m not a saint but I’m not a sinner/Now everything’s cool as long as I’m gettin thinner”) are brilliant. Allen is the perfect anti-popstar.

17. “Knock You Down” Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West and Ne-yo

With the help of a sugar-coated chorus, Kanye West, and Ne-yo, Keri Hilson managed to score her first top ten hit, and deservedly so!

16. “Wavin’ Flag”, K’nnan

The waving flag metaphor is genius and the social message is reminiscent of Bob Marley.

15. “Wanted”, Jessie James

The first thought that popped into my head when I heard this song was “hey  is this Christina Aguilera?” Turns out it’s actually a new singer by the name of Jessie James. Unlike what her name may suggest this song’s not at all country, it’s an up-tempo pop song full of lusty lyrics belted out by this new singer. The end result? A pretty great first single.

14. “Her Diamonds”, Rob Thomas

Rolling Stone called him the last great pop rock singer and this song is proof why. Rob Thomas has said this song is about his wife’s battle with her auto-immune disease. Rob Thomas you do the pop rock genre and your wife justice with this song.

13. “Russian Roulette” Rihanna

Rihanna’s darkest single yet also happens to be one of the best pop songs of the year. Rihanna went completely left field with this one, with the eerie guitar riff opening and the lyrics about “seeing her heart through her chest” and “wondering whether or not she will see another sunrise” and then all coming to  an end with a gun shot. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Rihanna after what happened between her and Chris Brown, but it definitely wasn’t this.

12. “When Love Takes Over”, David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland has spent her solo career under her former band mate Beyoncé’s shadow.With the help of David Guetta Rowland proves that she deserves to be a star just as much as Beyoncé does. Lyrically it’s no masterpiece, but with a beat this hypnotic and Kelly Rowland’s killer vocals it’s hard not to enjoy this song at least a little bit.

11. “22”, Lily Allen

Her second song to appear on the countdown paints a vivid picture of a woman nearing her thirties who seemed to have it all when she was 22. Her life has gone down hill from there, but she still tries to desperately grasp onto her past glory hoping that “the man of her dreams” will come along. Lily Allen shows great maturity and growth with this song.

10. “Dead and Gone”, T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake

T.I. does an okay job, but Justin Timberlake takes this song to a whole new level with his great chorus.

9. “Please Don’t Leave Me’, P!nk

After a year that relied heavily on big flashy beats and futuristic productions, it’s refreshing to see P!nk release a song with a very simple, yet effective production. Along with some great lyrics and P!nk’s emotional vocal performance, we have one of the year’s best songs.

8. “Paparazzi” Lady Gaga

While my opinion of Lady Gaga remains mixed there’s no denying that she does have talent and when she applies it properly the results can be a great song, such is the case with “Paparazzi”. Her best single yet.

7. “Bulletproof”, La Roux

One of the year’s coolest songs. It boasts  retro 80’s style synthpop beats, yet it still manages to sound futuristic at the same time. Cool beats aside, it also has some intriguing lyrics. Add lead singer, Elly Jackson’s sneering delivery of the song and we have a winner.

 6. “Release Me”, Agnes

A killer disco beat, fierce verses, an all-conquering chorus, and a singer who is actually a considerable vocal talent. One of the year’s unexpected knock-outs.

5. “Use Somebody” , Kings of Leon

It would eventually end up getting overplayed, but there is no denying that this song is something special. The way lead singer, Caleb Followill, sings with such passion and longing proves that he might be the best vocalist we have right now.

4. “Empire State of Mind” Jay-z feat. Alicia Keys

I`m normally not very big on rap, but I have to admit that this year I got into Jay-z a bit. He does a more than decent job rapping, but the real thing that placed this song in my top 5 is Alicia Keys`chorus, which was one of the most exciting moments in music this year.

3. “Never Forget You”, Noisettes

A song that perfectly captures the emotion that is nostalgia. From the 60`s style production to the lyrics about getting together with an old flame or friend or perhaps both. Either way it’s one heck of a song.

2. “All to Myself”, Marianas Trench

This song makes me happy every time I hear it. It’s very easy to connect with, as I’m sure we’ve all been through the whole-I-want-you-badly-but-you-don’t-want-me-back situation before. The singer says he wants this girl “all to himself” and argues that he “can’t stay with someone else”. This song is a slice of pop-rock bliss. Has 2009 had a line that is more brilliant line than: “I can try to suck it up/I just can’t suck it up/Make me feel like someone else”?

1. “Shark In the Water”, VV Brown

This is probably the most instantly enjoyable song I`ve heard the entire year. It starts off all breezy and lighthearted before giving way to the chorus of 2009. When I say the chorus of 2009 I mean it arrives expectantly and then hits you like a monster truck.The reaction; WOW! It took me a  long time to be able to not listen to it on repeat three times in a row.

   Well those are my favorite pop songs of the year. Feel free to comment on my listing, because I’m sure my tastes won’t match up to most seeing as it’s a pretty diverse list if I do say so myself and if you think i forgot some major songs then do tell me. The 20 best country songs of ’09 should be ready in a weeks time. Once again sorry for the delay.