Lately, I’ve had trouble keeping up with my single reviews so I decided that I would post all these “mini-reviews” of some of the biggest releases of January. I’ve probably missed a lot so if anyone notices any big releases that I missed than feel free to tell me and I might be able to review them at a later time.

“Telephone”, Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé

What do you get when you mix Lady Gaga, a bunch of telephone noises, some vocal effects, a big catchy chorus and Beyoncé? Total chaos and a surprisingly good single. Grade: B+

“American Honey”, Lady Antebellum

None of the metaphors really work in this song, especially the american honey one that is constantly used even when it doesn’t make sense. The production is rather generic as well. Hilary Scott does a decent job singing it, but I’m really starting to miss Charles Kelley’s soulful powerhouse of a voice. Grade: C

“I Keep On Loving You”, Reba McEntire

The lyrics are pretty clichéd, but Reba more than makes up for it with her delicate performance. The subtle production suits the song well too. In the end we get a sweet and sincere song, if not the most gripping. Grade: B

“Fearless”, Taylor Swift

“Fifteen” was one of Taylor Sift’s singles yet, in fact it arguably was her best one yet. So of course now her label has to the pure pop-country fluff that is the title track off her very successful sophomore album. The lyrics are all about kissing in the rain and other things along the lines of that which Swift considers “fearless”. The song starts off very shaky vocally. Luckily, this song is somewhat saved by melodic hook. Despite what the title may suggest this song is anything but fearless. C+

“Today Was a Fairytale”, Taylor Swift  

The second song she released within the same month. This one is the lead single off the soundtrack of her upcoming film début. This song manages to make “Fearless” sound edgy and daring. It lacks any originality what so ever, might as well call it “Love Story Part 2”. Swift’s vocals are more irritating than usual, the lyrics are nauseating and the average production can’t save this one. Swift seems to be eagerly destroying all the artistic credibility “Fifteen” created for her. Grade: D+

“Imma Be”, Black Eyed Peas

It challenges “My Humps” as the Peas stupidest song. Thankfully (for lack of a better word), “Imma Be” is  very catchy and the productionj is rather stellar. So, despite how much I want to hate this song I can’t help but like it a little bit. Grade: C

“Unstoppable”, Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts are often considered to be one of the most notorious bands in country music history, though they have been known to release a really good single every know and then. Sadly, this isn’t one of those, but they have done worse. The whole “love is unstoppable” concept of the song is painfully clichéd and most of the lyrics are pretty generic. I like the production quite a bit though and I do find myself enjoying some of these cheesy lyrics. It’s not exactly guilty pleasure territory, but it comes close. Grade: C+

“Still” Tim McGraw

I loved “It’s a Business Doing Pleasure With You”, but I wasn’t to fond of “Southern Voice”. Luckily, this one’s a lot better. McGraw sings about the memories that he goes to when life gets out of control. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s still a memorable single. Grade: B+

“Vanilla Twilight”, Owl City

Well it’s less irritating than his huge hit “Fireflies”, but it still does little for me. On one hand the production is superb, but on the other hand I can’t stand his voice. So I’ll give it a…Grade: B-