Her last single “White Liar” became a surprising smash on the country charts and even managed to crossover on the pop charts a bit  (it peaked at #38, but it’s still her first top 40 hit). She has now released what is arguably the best song off of her fantastic Revolution album.

    The song is about a woman going back to her old home in an attempt to find some sort of comfort and escape from her current life. The lyrics are truly stunning. My favorites are: “I thought if I could touch this place or feel it/ This brokenness inside me might start healing”. Lambert gives one of her best vocals to date and interprets those lyrics beautifully. The acoustic and natural sounding production suit the song perfectly, and thank god they decided to go with that understated production, because this song could have easily been a overthetop power ballad.

     Lambert once again proves that she is the leading lady of country music, even if her commercial success can’t compare to that of Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood’s. This song has also set the bar for all other releases of the year, regardless of their genre. An early candidate for 2010’s best country song of the year.

Grade: A+