Well it’s been awhile, but finally I have a real post for you guys this time. I reviewed all of last weeks top 10 songs according to Billboard`s Hot 100 chart. I liked most of the songs in the top 10, there`s four that I fall under the great category, and one was even included on one of my best of lists last year. The top 10 still has it’s fair share of mediocrity though (there’s two songs that include the notorious Will.i.am). Without further ado, here is my assessment.

1) “California Gurls”, Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg

I’ll admit I rolled my eyes when I first heard of this song. Maybe it was because Katy Perry was trying to make an answer song to “Empire State of Mind”, maybe it was because it featured Snoop Dogg, or maybe because of the ‘u’ she put in “girls”. Surprisingly though, it’s kind of great, in a novelty way. It’s not the second coming of Jay-z and Alicia’s classy megahit, it’s more like it’s nice but ditzy cousin.

Grade: B

2) “OMG”, Usher feat. Will.i.am

I’m I the only one who can’t wait for Will.i.am to fall off the music radar? Honestly, he ain’t making the song any better with his auto-tuned voice. Plus, is it necessary for him to say something about “letting the beat drop” in every one of his songs? I find he didn’t even bring anything new to the table production-wise, except for the arena chants of the chorus which were pretty cool. Usher does the best with the fairly weak material provided (though too must take some blame since he co-wrote the song). Good background music.

Grade: C

3) “Airplanes”,  B.o.B feat. Haley Williams

I’m really starting to like B.o.B, he’s not only a pretty great rapper but he’s collaborating with some great artists; this time it’s Paramore’s frontwoman Haley Williams. This song is darker than his last single and Williams delivers a great chorus. An all around great single.

Grade: A

4) “Your Love Is My Drug”, Ke$ha

Very bratty or very catchy? Oh what a fine line! It’s a question that pretty much defines her music career so far. “Tik Tok” fell more on the fun side while “Blah Blah Blah” was more on the bratty side. I will admit that both are guilty pleasures of mine, but lets face Ke$ha’s music may be fun at a party but it’s not life changing. So “Your Love Is My Drug” is a fun little ditty, but surprisingly it’s less annoying than both of her last singles. There’s still the rap-sung bridge that will make people who don’t like her music roll their eyes, but this time her voice isn’t buried in auto-tune and the songs not as trashy. While I don’t think Ke$ha will ever make generation defining music this song actually shows what could be the baby steps to a career that might actually make it past a sophomore album. If not, well at least it was fun while it lasted.

Grade: B

5) “Billionaire”, Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars

 Hey it’s the great singer from “Nothin’ On You”! Too bad this song isn’t as good as his last collaboration. While I like the stringy production at the beginning of the song I find his voice is better suited for the more contemporary production of his last hit. Oh and as for Travie McCoy, well he’s not a bad rapper but I prefer B.o.B.

Grade: C+

6) ” Break Your Heart”, Taio Cruz feat. Ludacris

This song had already hit #1 in the UK last year. Then out of nowhere it exploded in North America with the aid of American rapper Ludacris. Ludacris adds a little wit to the single, but ultimately there’s nothing very special about the song.

Grade: C

7) “Alejandro”, Lady Gaga

Oh, Lady Gaga even in your most ridiculous moments you are becoming to infectious to hate. “Alejandro” isn’t the most ridiculous song she’s ever done, in fact if you pay attention to the lyrics enough it’s quite clever. Still, it’s easy to forget that when she starts pretending to have a spanish accent at certain points of the song. Then the pure infectiousness of the chorus helps you forget her fake spanish warbling.

Grade: B+

8 ) “Nothin’ On You” B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars

The single that seemed to be the stepping stone both of them needed since they both have their own top 5 hits this week. The chorus is so simple and sweet that it`s impossible to hate. The classiest collaboration of the year so far.

Grade: B+

9) “Rock That Body”, Black Eyed Peas

Well I already had a little rant about Will.i.am earlier in this post so I’ll try to keep it to a minimum. At least when Wiill.i.am works with other artists most of them our at least able to bring something to the table themselves, but the Black Eyed Peas are his little puppets who blindfully follow what ever he tells them. So when he comes up with the downright stupid idea to have Fergie sing with an Alvin the Chipmuck-esque voice what happens, we have an even more annoying Black Eyed Peas song than usual.

Grade: C-

10) “Bulletproof”, La Roux

As some of you might remember this song was ranked number 6 on Top 20 songs of 2009. I still this song is the coolest, just like the duo who made it. The fact that it’s going top ten in North America is even cooler.

Grade: A-