For a long time now I wondered whether or not Miranda Lambert would ever get the appreciation she deserved from country radio. I’ll admit that after Revolution‘s first single, “Dead Flowers” only peaked at number 38 on the country chart it seemed unlikely that this album would become her commercial breakthrough. Then something kind of amazing happened, “White Liar” managed to not only become her second top ten hit, but it managed to climb all the way to number 2 on the country chart and became her first top 40 hit on the all genres chart! Then the wonderful “The House That Built Me” started storming the charts and become her first number one and her biggest crossover hit to date.

     I guess it goes without saying at this point that “Only Prettier” has quite a bit of expectation to live up to. Is it my ideal choice as a follow-up to her last single, well no but it’s still an enjoyable slice of music. The song features Lambert at her wittiest. Though she’s already proved in the past how strong her songwriting chops are, she hasn’t shown this much wit since “Guilty In Here”.

     Sadly the production is just too much for the song to be as enjoyable as it should. It starts off with a charming guitar intro, but once Lambert starts singing so does the thrashing guitars. The loudness of the guitars is distracting especially during the chorus. The guitar solo is also a little tiring, but it’s not as bad as it is in some of Brad Paisely and Keith urban’s recent work. Although it’s hard not to wish the production was a little restrained, how can you hate a song with the line: “I got a mouth like a sailor and yours is more like a Hallmark card”.

Grade: B