Oh Reba, you are one of the most iconic female country singers of all time. You’ve had more top ten hits than any other female country artist and you’re second to only Dolly Parton when it comes to number ones. Furthermore, you’re the only female artist over 50 at the moment who can still score not only top tens but number ones as well! So please tell me why you feel the need to record something that screams desperation. Your last album finally put back at the top of the country charts (not the you ever really strayed too far), so  why you feel the need to record something that tries so desperately to sound modern and relevant is beyond me.

     The production, like most of what’s on country radio is obnoxious and not very country at all. Though she is a great vocalist her voice works best with a country production. As if that weren’t bad enough then you have lyrics about “texting” and “twittering”. A fifty-plus year old singing about those kind of things is the equivalent of a soccer mom showing up to her child’s game in tranny make-up. I’m not saying that just because she’s over fifty that she needs to be singing quiet introspective ballads about life, but I mean come on “twitter” is a word that should never be sung. So while this song is mildly catchy, it is very much what I’d expect a mid-life crisis to sound like.

Grade: D+