So my favorite country duo are back with the first single off their new upcoming album due in October. Sugarland has never been known for staying strictly country, they have often experimented with different sounds, but never have they gone this far before. In the past they have mixed country with pop and rock, but so have many other country singers, this time though they with…raggae! The bridge even contains a rap! I know other country artists, such as Willie Nelson, have made raggae-country music before, but I’m pretty sure they never included a rap. It’s a bold statement to say the least.

    I won’t lie, the songs lyrics are nothing more than fluff. For those who enjoy Sugarland for their traditional leaning material such as “Stay” and “Very Last Country Song”  you will likely be disappointed with “Stuck Like Glue” and offended by the use of auto-tune during the last take of the chorus. That being said the song is so infectious and unlike anything else being released to country radio, in fact I say it might even be revolutionary. Once you listen to it it’s going to stay in your head all day so might as well enjoy it.

Grade: B+