Rascal Flatts have largely been considered one of the most notorious bands in country music history by critics, if not the most. Of course that opinion could be slightly exaggerated by the fact that the were the most dominant country band for the better part of the past decade. Ever since “Need You Now” was released though, Lady Antebellum has emerged as country’s biggest group and have had huge crossover success. So in a way, Rascal Flatts has become sort of like underdogs.

     Maybe it’s because they’ve realized their reign over country music is starting to fade and they are starting to feel somewhat liberated from the binds of country radio (although highly unlikely), but their latest effort “Why Wait” sounds a lot more relaxed than their recent output. This first single from their upcoming debut for Big Machine Records is a charming little song about a man trying to convince his women that they should “do something crazy” and get married, asking her “why wait”. While there’s nothing really that offensive to turn one off from listening to it, “Why Wait” does lack that certain spark that separates a good song from a great one. Still Rascal Flatts  could have done (and have) much worse than this.

Grade: B-