Well she’s back. And well…not much has changed.  Although she doesn’t use the same fairytale and high school imagery that plagued her previous work, her writing formula is pretty much identical to her past hits, especially “Love Story”. Taylor meets boy, Taylor falls head over heels fo him, something happens that causes Taylor to believe their relationship is over, then boy conveniently steps in just when all hope for their love seems to be lost and we get another happy ending. To her credit though she does change-up her usual clichés, instead of high school it’s college, she talks about bills needing to be paid,  and not wanting to wanting to make the same mistakes as her parents. The song’s most vital line is: “You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter”. Sadly, she doesn’t elaborate on that line any further, instead the chorus ends with her telling her beau that: “You’re the best thing that’s ever been mine”.

     The song’s production is more or less the same thing as her past few singles, until the song’s bridge were the song starts falling apart. The production becomes downright obnoxious and Taylor’s voice starts become scratchy and off pitch like it is during her live performances.

     It’s not that “Mine” is terrible, it’s better than the awful “Today Was a Fairytale”, it’s still a fairly catchy tune and even though her writing formula feels tired there are still quite a few good lines. It just feels redundant and largely unnecessary, at this point of the game Taylor needs to do more than just change her context from high school to college if she wants to push herself further artistically.

Grade: C