Personally I find Flo-Rida to be a one hit-wonder who just doesn’t seem to go away. He normally has two hits per album and then disappears from our memories until he decides to make a new album, or contribute  song to the latest Step Up soundtrack. I’ll admit his songs are catchy and fun to dance to, but I still consider him to be one of today’s most notorious “artists” (for lack of a better word). So at the risk of compromising my musical credibility, “Club Can’t Handle Me” is actually a decent song.

     “Club Can’t Handle Me” isn’t different from his past hits; it lacks depth, there some mediocre rapping, and a catchy chorus. What makes “Club Can’t Handle Me” better than the rest of his lackluster catalog is a simple but undeniable truth, never before has he tackled a chorus as infectious as this one. The chorus is filled with feel good lyrics and has a great melody courtesy of Guetta. Of course part of what makes the chorus work so well is an uncredited female vocalist, who helps bring out the best of the chorus’ earworm of a hook.

    Sure it doesn’t advance him artistically and I haven’t been “converted”, lets not forget he is the weakest part of his own song, but it he insists on sticking around any longer then at least he’s getting other people to make his music better. As for David Guetta, he really needs to start working with singers who have more talent than Flo-Rida and the Black Eyed Peas (Kelly Rowland and Kelis are a good start).

Grade: B