The second single from his well received bluegrass album is masterful and is one of  Bentley’s finest singles to date. It sort of serves as a sequel to arguably my favorite Dierks Bentley song, “Settle For A Slowdown”. Thankfully, unlike most sequels “Draw Me a Map” is almost equally as good as what preceded it.

     The song is melodic bliss. It is the melody’s simplicity that makes it so effective, the fiddle  doesn’t sound the least bit forced, which is an extremely refreshing change. It compliments the sweet lyrics and gentle vocal performance perfectly. Alison Krauss also serves as a great background vocalist.

     The song is a man’s desperate plea for his to forgive and return to him once more. This isn’t a rare topic for a male singer to tackle, especially in country music, but so rarely is it done with such genuine sincerity. The line “draw me a map that leads me back to you”  is so inspired in its obviousness that it’s incredible no one has thought it before hand.

      In a world were most male country singers who are dominating radio are singing shallow up-tempo rockers and sappy clichéd ballads, “Draw Me  a Map” is a very welcome change. Perhaps it will finally help him win his first Male Vocalist of the Year trophy at the upcoming CMA Awards, unlikely but a guys got to dream.

Grade: A