The vocalist of Gnarls Barkley, the band who gave us one of the decades most critically lauded hits, “Crazy”, comes roaring back into the public’s radar with one of the year’s most unexpected smashes. “F**k You” is clearly a hilarious song, but is it good enough to become more than a mere novelty song?

I’ll admit I’m probably biased because I love the song’s old school R&B production, but I believe that “F**k You” is definitely good enough to be viewed as serious piece of music.  Cee Lo seems to be using the song’s funny message to make  listeners unwittingly appreciate old-fashion R&B.

      The song’s weakest moment is its bridge where Green starts breaking down into tears and singing in a whiny voice. Although funny, it crosses into pure novelty territory.

     So it might not completely overcome the novelty factor, but Cee Lo’s frank sentiments are rather brilliant. Most importantly, “F**k You” remains effective after multiple listens. Therefore, I feel comfortable in saying that is a clever kiss off song and one of the year’s strongest releases.

Grade : A-

(P.S. The radio edit “Forget You” sucks!)