The reason I decided to do a joint review for Pink’s new single from her upcoming greatest hits album and Kesha’s new single from her upcoming EP Cannibal is because they both celebrate being unique and a little freaky. Both songs have also dedicated to the gay community, as Kesha has dedicated her new song to the recent gay teen related suicides, while Pink’s new video is said to be centered around a gay wedding. So makes sense right?

     I’ll start with Pink’s new single. “Raise Your Glass” has Pink in full on up-tempo mode, which means time for some shameless silliness. Like most (all?) of her up-tempo rockers there are some brilliantly nonsensical lyrics (“Call me up if you are gangster”, “Oh shit my glass is empty, that sucks”). The chorus checks off a host of clichés, as Pink calls out to all of her “nitty gritty dirty little freaks” and everybody who is “wrong in all the right ways”. Luckily, the chorus is a near euphoric rush and Pink has enough personality to these kind of lines off.The only time the song loses its steam is during the somewhat lackluster bridge, but all in all it’s another great song and will fit in perfectly with the rest of the material on her greatest hits album.

     Kesha on the other hand is another story. While I admit I’ve enjoyed Kesha’s music all lot more than I should have, I can finally say that this time she’s overdone it. “We R Who We R” is a trashy, glittery, hot mess. Her bratty and Auto-Tune drenched singing style is starting to get old really fast. The verses can barely be considered singing and the bridge definitely isn’t. Her formula, which consists of stumbling through ridiculous verses until reaching an infectious chorus, might have worked on her first round of singles (particularly with “Tik Tok” and “Your Love Is My Drug”) but it’s already starting to feel stale here. Sure the chorus is fun, but it’s hardly what I’d call inspirational or uplifting, and isn’t that the purpose for this song’s existence?

     Another reason why I’d take Pink’s ode to the underdogs over Kesha’s any day is quite simply because Pink’s song feels more genuine than Kesha’s does. Pink has always been somewhat of an outsider and continues to be, while Kesha seems to be more of a party girl who tries to get everyone’s attention by acting like an outsider. This might sound harsh, but dedicating this to the gay teens who recently committed suicide sounds more like a headline grabber than a sincere tribute to the late teens.

P!nk’s Grade: B+

Ke$ha’s Grade: D+