In my review of Sugarland’s latest album, The Incredible Machine, I mentioned “Little Miss”  as one of the album’s highlights. Unlike most of the album, the song sonically resembles Sugarland’s past few albums with a slight rock edge. It’s also refresh shot of substance after the infectious though admittedly ridiculous “Stuck Like Glue”. “Little Miss” is a coronation of the underdog women, with Jennifer Nettles confidently reassuring all of them that things will one day be alright.

“Little Miss” isn’t as powerful as Sugarland’s signature self-empowerment anthem “Something More”, mainly because it lacks the personality of that song. Like all of the tracks on The Incredible Machine, this one would have been better off with a more stripped down production. While it’s not perfect “Little Miss” reassures us that despite Sugarland’s growing ambition and desire to expand their boundaries, they still haven’t lost complete sight of who they were and as Nettles herself says, “Sometimes you gotta lose ’til you win“.

Grade: B+