To be honest I’ve never really understood what’s so great about Britney Spears. I can acknowledge that she has made some important contributions to the world of pop, such as “Baby One More Time” and “Toxic”, but still, more credit should be given to her producers rather than Britney herself. “Hold It Against Me”, the lead single from Britney Spears upcoming seventh album Femme Fatale, does little to change my opinion of this. It’s a little more club ready than most of her music, I’m digging the dubstep influence, but doesn’t really feel like she’s challenging herself artistically, and at this point in her career, it’s rather disappointing.

     During the song’s bridge, everything breaks down and Britney stammers: “Give me something good/I don’t wanna wait/I want it now“. Spears might be referring to a potential lover in the song, but the line might as well be aimed at herself. “Hold It Against Me” is great ear candy, but the truth is so are most of her songs, and asides from the cool  dubstep breakdown, there’s not all that much to set it above the rest of her catalogue, or more importantly the rest of the competition.

Grade: C+