Cannibal era Ke$ha seems to be less concerned with being a popstar and more concerned with being the trashiest female act out there. “Blow” continues to push her further into the deep end, but it’s starting to feel like signature Ke$ha. She sings about glitter, clubbing, losing control, and taking over. Pretty standard lyrics, but Ke$ha puts her twist on it and gives us some insight into her grimy ways (“We’re young and we’re bored“).

    Alas, the problem with “Blow” isn’t in its lyrics or even Ke$ha herself, but rather its lackluster chorus. It’s only mildly catchy and much too repetitive for its own good. It starts to become a little dull and if there’s one thing Ke$ha can never afford to be is dull. Luckily, the song comes to a powerful end as Ke$ha roars “this place about to blow” with surprising energy and rawness.

     So, while it is easy to think of reasons to hate both Ke$ha and her music, I continue to find it impossible or nearly impossible to do so. “Blow” is cheap, crass, obnoxious, and even a little grating, but it’s unmistakably Ke$ha. As she says during the song’s breakdown: “We are taking over/Get used to it“. Might as well.

Grade: B