J.Lo seems to be using her new position as an Idol judge to her advantage, using the gig as a platform to advertise  “On The Floor”‘s upcoming music video and allowing fans to vote on the video’s ending. It’s a very savvy, if somewhat shameless, marketing strategy. Considering it’s spent the entire week behind only Gaga’s latest single on the iTunes chart, it appears to be working too.

     Sadly, “On The Floor” is a rather bland piece of techno-lite that’s lacking a proper hook. It has a pleasant enough melody, but the lyrics are fairly dreadful and painfully generic. Again, if the song had a strong hook some of these could be overlooked, although it’s hard to imagine the line “It’s getting ill it’s getting sick on the floor” ever being justified. Meanwhile, the less said about Pitbull’s verses the better.

     It’s a shame that Lopez is using her newfound media attention to promote such mediocre material. While I was never a huge fan of hers I was still looking forward to hear her new single and was thoroughly disappointed. Although, I didn’t dislike as much as I did when I first heard it so maybe it will prove to be a grower in the long run, but for now…

Grade: C-