I have to admit, Katy Perry’s had a solid run of singles going for her since she released her sophmore album Teenage Dream. Sadly, “E.T” brings what is hopefully a minor speed bump to this run of good singles (if “Peacock” ever gets released though, it’s pretty much hopeless). Whoever’s idea it was to get Kanye West on this track should be applauded since he adds some energy to this fairly lifeless track.

     Perry seems to be attempting a more mature sounding record, but if that was her intent using lyrics like “wanna feel your powers, stun me with your lasers” kind of undermine the whole thing. It doesn’t help the songs production is rather, well, dull. Of all the negative things you could say about Katy Perry, dull shouldn’t be one of them. She relies very heavily on her infectious hooks, so without them the song feels undercooked.

     So, as I said earlier, hopefully “E.T.” will just be a minor detour from another great or at least decent single. I’m still a little terrified at the possibility of “Peacock” becoming Teenage Dream‘s fifth single, a song so awful that it makes “E.T.” sound like a classic. If I may suggest a song, how about the superb “The One That Got Away”?

Grade: C-