Alright, I must start this post of with an apology for being inactive for over a month. So since there’s been lots of big hits to cover in the past couple of weeks I decided to once again do a bunch of mini-reviews to help catch up.

“Til The World Ends”, Britney Spears

So it’s no big secret that I’m not a huge Spears fan, and unlike most I was not very impressed with “Hold It Against Me”. With that said, I must confess I’m really digging her latest “Til The World End”. It’s not a career-defining single by any stretch, in fact it’s less adventurous than HIAM, but it’s the first single of hers I’ve thoroughly enjoyed since “Circus”. What makes it so enjoyable then? Well I’ve narrowed it down to two possibilities, the first being that it’s simply a slice of thrilling and exciting dance-pop, so much so that I’d go as far as to say it’s uplifting. The other being my helpless love, erm, like for Ke$ha (she did help co-write the song…).

Grade: B+

“Just Can’t Get Enough”, The Black Eyed Peas

Speaking of people I’m not a huge of. Coming off the release of one of their worst releases to date, “Just Can’t Get Enough” couldn’t possibly be worst. The song starts off with a surprisingly sweet vocal from Fergie and for a second I thought we’d be treated to a “Meet Me Halfway Pt. 2”.  The moment steps in with his lifeless auto-tuned vocals though, things start to take an inevitable turn for the worst. By the time we get to all of that “switch up” crap what could have been a beautiful love song is tainted. Good job!

Grade: C

“Mean”, Taylor Swift

Part of me despises this song, because it has a set of unbelievably grating lyrics that are as juvenile as they are hypocritical. To avoid going on a giant rant about how much of Taylor’s catalogue is based on criticizing others and calling out their flaws, you know the songs about all of the relationships that didn’t work, and then harshly calling out someone who criticizes you yourself isn’t exactly just. Then there’s the petty stabs like “All you are is mean/And a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life”, which completely undermines any credibility that you had going for you in the first place. Anyways, with that said the song is also incredibly infectious. So even though I wish I could, I can’t bring myself to hate this song.

Grade: C+

 “Price Tag”, Jessie J featuring B.o.B.

Jessie J is my favorite new artist of the year so far. I first fell in love with after seeing the video for her UK debut single “Do It Like A Dude”. I wasn’t as instantly smitten with “Price Tag”, but it has proven to be a grower. The reggae tinged production is what really sells it, so kudos to Dr.Luke who I haven’t been this impressed with in quite sometime.

Grade: B+

 “Paper Airplane”, Alison Krauss & Union Station

My relationship with country music and all of its sub-genres has become strained this past year, but “Paper Airplane” has single-handedly managed to restore in it. Everything about this gem is hauntingly beautiful, from the gentle instrumentation, to the melancholy lyrics, to Krauss’s sweet and vulnerable voice that brings them to life. Of course country radio has decided to ignore it all together, but it is truly there lose because “Paper Airplane” is by far the best country song of the year so far.

Grade: A

“Am I The Only One”, Dierks Bentley

Then I remember why it’s strained… You should know better than this Dierks.

Grade: D+

“Dirt Road Anthem”, Jason Aldean

Come on country music! It isn’t nearly as disappointing as Bentley’s new single, but at least he knew not to rap!

Grade: D+