After releasing three hugely successful number singles, the Loud campaign reached a bit of a slump. Not only did her label choice to release what probably the two least commercial sounding songs on the record, but they released them so close to each other that neither or had the chance to really take off. So for single number six, Rihanna and her label have decided to go with something that sounds like a surefire hit. Does that mean it’s any good though?

Well I’ll start off by saying that sampling Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You” was an inspired idea, even if it didn’t exactly mesh perfectly with the chorus. Rihanna herself gives a great performance that is further proof that she is moving away from her former “ice queen” into to someone resembling a warm-blooded human being.

Yet, there’s still something about this song that doesn’t work. While it’s a perfectly likable tune, I just can’t get myself behind. It has all the components of a great drinking song, but by Rihanna standards it’s rather dull. After following “Man Down”, which recounts the tale of a woman shooting a man, “Cheers” feels much too tame.

Although, perhaps that’s the whole point. With the summer coming to a close people will be dragged back into reality, and what better way to help them through it then with a song celebrating “the freakin’ weekend”. From a commercial stand-point, this is undoubtedly the best single choice from Loud, but from an artistic stand-point it is a tad of a letdown.

Grade: 55/100