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     I could tell from the first note of “All We Are” that I was probably going to be disappointed with The Incredible Machine. Any remaining doubt was washed away by the time the song reached its underwhelming chorus. Like the vast majority of Sugarland’s fourth studio album, “All We Are” tries to expand the boundaries of Sugarland’s musical horizon. Sadly, this means leaving behind most of the qualities and quirks that made the duo’s music so enjoyable in the past. Sugarland has created an arena-rock album which features a bombastic production and an equally bombastic vocal from Jennifer Nettles, but amongst all this bombast it lacks any real substance. (more…)


     It’s been four years since Christina Aguilera’s last studio album, so has Bionic been worth the wait? I really wish I could answer that with a resounding yes and say that this is the album of 2010, but sadly that is not the case. Now that’s not to say that it isn’t a good album, in fact at times it’s a great album. (more…)

Author’s Note: Today marks a year since Michael Jackson’s death, so in honor of his memory I have reviewed his monumental Thriller album. Enjoy and once again RIP MJ.

     Having the best-selling album of all time is no simple feat, not to mention the huge expectations that come with it. Luckily Jackson’s history making album is more than capable of living up to these expectations.  It’s sometimes hard to look at the actual music of Thriller without thinking about all of the achievements and records that came with it. (more…)

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  I know Ive been saying that I would write this review for awhile now, but give me a break its my first album review and it took awhile to get the album since I don’t download my music. Anyways, without further ado, here is my first album review. (more…)