10) “Super Bass”, Micki Minaj

9) “Broken Record”, Katy B

8) “Shake It Out”, Florence + the Machine

7) “Countdown”, Beyoncé

6) “The Edge of Glory”, Lady Gaga (more…)


As a tribute to the late but great Amy Winehouse I have taken it upon myself to dig through her regrettably short discography and chose her ten greatest moments. While there may not be much material to sort through, it is still no simple task as Winehouse has made some truly spectacular music in her short time here, from her impressive debut Frank to her air-tight follow-up Back To Black.

10. “You Sent Me Flying”

One of the highlights of her debut album, “You Sent Me Flying” is essentially Winehouse rambling with some guitars before reaching a soulful breakdown part way through, but it’s that nonchalant casualness that makes this song so exciting. Well that and the excellent chorus.

9. “In My Bed”

Despite being her most “mainstream” sounding single, it still hosted some of her trademark sexually charged lyrics (“The only time I hold your hand/Is to get the angle right“). Plus the hooks on the chorus are so addictive you’ll find yourself singing along to it all day.

8. “You Know I’m No Good”

Back To Black’s second single continued to build on Winehouse’s bad girl image. The song uses very specific imagery that almost eliminates the need for a music video because you can picture the whole in your head. It is also producer Mark Ronson’s best fusion of hip-hop and retro soul. (more…)

   2010 was the year everyone decided it was cool to become a freak. Everyone was trying so hard to be a forward-thinking individual that it become somewhat clichéd. Still, clichéd or not, true ambition and individuality could not be denied.That’s why two of the year’s most ambitious artists, Robyn and Kanye West are tied for the most entries on the list with 3 a piece. Robyn decided to release 2 mini-albums and capped it all off with a quasi-compilation album that cherry-picked some of the best songs off the first two albums and included five more new songs. While, Kanye harnessed his huge and turned it into the genius album My Dark Twisted Fantasy.

30. “Not Afraid”, Eminem

   Eminem came back in a huge way this past year, not only did he score the year’s best-selling album but “Love The Way You Lie” and “Not Afraid” both went number one and sold over three million copies each. Even though “Not Afraid” was the smaller hit of the two (although that isn’t really saying much) it is the better. Eminem declared his return with a conviction few others could match, heck he even disses his last album. What more could you ask for from a comeback single?

29. “You Lost Me”, Christina Aguilera

   The first take of the chorus show Aguilera giving one of her most beautifully restrained performances to date. Ultimately though, it’s her signature belting that takes this song to another hemisphere. Classic Christina.

28. “Soldier Of Love”, Sade

   Forget about the military style beats and Sade’s rich voice, this song deserves to be on this list on the strength of its opening line alone: “I’ve lost the use of my heart/But I’m still alive“. Brilliant.

27. “Kiss Me When I’m Down”, Gary Allan

   The production’s a little heavy-handed, but a cluttered production can’t smother the desperation in Allan’s voice as he pleas for an ex-lover to come back one last night. The chorus paints a painfully realistic picture of a man who knows asking for anything more would be futile.

26. “Blue Sky”, Emily West featuring Keith Urban

   A tragic song of a woman who finally decides to walk away from an abusive relationship. West desperately belts that she refuses to stand by her ex and comfort him like he once did. She will no longer be the blue sky to his rainy day. And Urban’s harmonies help make this nothing short of a beautiful disaster.

25. “Rude Boy”, Rihanna

   “Rude Boy” marked the beginning of the next chapter in Rihanna’s career. She was done with being a victim, she was once again in control and was ready to give us the ear candy we all secretly loved. Except, this time it was a little edgier, a little fiercer, and all of a sudden Rihanna was a lot cooler than the pop star she used to be, but just as accessible as she was before.

24. “Stuck Like Glue”, Sugarland

   Rarely has pop fluff ever been so ambitious as “Stuck Like Glue”, as Sugarland breaks down the boundaries between country-pop and dancehall reggae. Opinions of this single have been pretty split and there isn’t a lot of middle ground on this one; you either love it or hate. Guess what side of the fence I sit on?

23. “Misery“, Maroon 5

   One of Maroon 5’s best offerings to date. It’s classic Maroon 5 with a little extra funk than usual. Between the infectious production, Levine’s falsetto, and a killer chorus what’s not to like?

22. “Hang With Me”, Robyn

Just don’t fall recklessly, heedlessly in love with me“, oh Robyn, it’s much too late for that.

21. “Only Girl (In The World)”, Rihanna

   I admit I wasn’t immediately fond of this song, but it has definitely grown on me. Along with “What’s My Name?”, “Only Girl” stands as proof of Rihanna’s evolution as an artist. She may have returned to her dance floor roots, but never before has her voice soared the way it does on this chorus. It may be not be pop art, but sometimes it doesn’t have to be. (more…)

      Okay, so it’s actually the 11 worst songs of 2010, but when I was making the list I realized I just couldn’t decide which song to kick off, so I thought why not include them all!?!?  While there was some pretty mediocre music clogging up the charts this year, I found most of the years worst material went under the radar. So without further ado, I give you the 10 (ahem), 11 worst songs of 2010!

10 (TIE). “Turn On The Radio”, Reba

Reba’s worst single to date. Perhaps I would have been able to like this song more if it weren’t such an obvious and desperate sounding attempt to garner commercial relevance, which considering her last album garnered a number one single and another top ten hit, makes the purpose of “Turn On The Radio’s” existence even more puzzling and pointless.

10 (TIE). “We Are The World 25 For Haiti”, Artists For Haiti

Yes it was for a very noble cause, but sadly this version fails to live up the 1985  original “We Are The World”. There are a few bright spots, particularly Jennifer Hudson and P!nk, but the cons vastly outweight the pros.  Justin Bieber opening the song? Wyclef Jean yodeling? Lil’ Wayne singing with Auto-Tune? Akon singing with Auto-Tune? T-Pain period? Then there’s that questionable rap, and the even more questionable use of old Michael Jackson vocals. At least the money went to charity. (more…)

    I’m embarrassed that this list has taken so long to come out, but better late than ever, right? I promise if I’m still around next year this list will come out in a more timely fashion. 2009 wasn’t a particularly strong year for country music, but there was still a decent  amount of great music.  Here is my 20 best country singles of ’09.

20. “I Run To You”, Lady Antebellum

This song’s definitely not outstanding, but it is a solid slice of country-pop music.

19. “It Happens”, Sugarland

This is deliriously catchy and despite being a little silly it`s garaunteed to put you in a better mood after hearing it.

18. “I Told You So”, Carrie Underwood featuring Randy Travis

Carrie does a great job with this song, she should really record traditional leaning music more often. This song and “Just a Dream” almost had me converted, but “Cowboy Casanova” scared me off again. The addition of Randy Travis was a great idea too.

17. “Fifteen” Taylor Swift

It`s these kind of songs that make me think that Taylor Swift might have the slightest chance at career longevity. It`s well written, understated both vocally and production wise and showcases her at her most mature. This is the kind of music Swift needs to make more of.

16. “That Kind of Happy”, Emily West

A fun little ditty that finds a great balance between country and pop and is sung by a great vocalist. (more…)

 I’m sorry that these are so late and I realize that it’s already 2010, I know for next year to start working on my lists earlier.  After comparing it to many other end of year lists I realized that I have a lot of songs that aren’t on most critic’s list, I’m going hope that is because they haven’t heard of some of those missing songs and not because I have bad music tastes. Anyway, here is my 20 best pop songs of 2009 list. (more…)

   Unlike some, I believe that 2009 has actually had a decent amount of great songs, that said it’s also had it’s fair share of crap as well. The more I reflected on the year the more I realized what a bad year music had. A special shout out should go to Flo-Rida who released a lot of mediocre music but didn’t make the list. Pitbull should also get a special mention, one of his songs did make the list, but he’s released more than just one bad song. Anyway, without further ado here is what I believe are the ten worst songs of 2009! (more…)