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After releasing three hugely successful number singles, the Loud campaign reached a bit of a slump. Not only did her label choice to release what probably the two least commercial sounding songs on the record, but they released them so close to each other that neither or had the chance to really take off. So for single number six, Rihanna and her label have decided to go with something that sounds like a surefire hit. Does that mean it’s any good though? (more…)


     Maroon 5 know their way around a summer jam, last year’s excellent “Misery” is a fine example of such. Unfortunately, “Misery” never became the chart topping hit it deserved to be and the band’s ensuing album also underperformed. Much like another former chart-topping artist; Christina Aguilera. So it seems fitting that the fellow Voice judges/coaches would team up. And much like last year’s “Misery”, “Moves Like Jagger” feels destined to be a summer smash and with the extra push from a live performance on The Voice things look promising. (more…)

Alright, I must start this post of with an apology for being inactive for over a month. So since there’s been lots of big hits to cover in the past couple of weeks I decided to once again do a bunch of mini-reviews to help catch up.

“Til The World Ends”, Britney Spears

So it’s no big secret that I’m not a huge Spears fan, and unlike most I was not very impressed with “Hold It Against Me”. With that said, I must confess I’m really digging her latest “Til The World End”. It’s not a career-defining single by any stretch, in fact it’s less adventurous than HIAM, but it’s the first single of hers I’ve thoroughly enjoyed since “Circus”. What makes it so enjoyable then? Well I’ve narrowed it down to two possibilities, the first being that it’s simply a slice of thrilling and exciting dance-pop, so much so that I’d go as far as to say it’s uplifting. The other being my helpless love, erm, like for Ke$ha (she did help co-write the song…).

Grade: B+ (more…)

     I have to admit, Katy Perry’s had a solid run of singles going for her since she released her sophmore album Teenage Dream. Sadly, “E.T” brings what is hopefully a minor speed bump to this run of good singles (if “Peacock” ever gets released though, it’s pretty much hopeless). Whoever’s idea it was to get Kanye West on this track should be applauded since he adds some energy to this fairly lifeless track. (more…)

     J.Lo seems to be using her new position as an Idol judge to her advantage, using the gig as a platform to advertise  “On The Floor”‘s upcoming music video and allowing fans to vote on the video’s ending. It’s a very savvy, if somewhat shameless, marketing strategy. Considering it’s spent the entire week behind only Gaga’s latest single on the iTunes chart, it appears to be working too. (more…)

     Cannibal era Ke$ha seems to be less concerned with being a popstar and more concerned with being the trashiest female act out there. “Blow” continues to push her further into the deep end, but it’s starting to feel like signature Ke$ha. She sings about glitter, clubbing, losing control, and taking over. Pretty standard lyrics, but Ke$ha puts her twist on it and gives us some insight into her grimy ways (“We’re young and we’re bored“). (more…)

     Rihanna seems to have caused quite the stir with her latest single “S&M” and its accompanying video. With all of the surrounding controversy you’d think Rihanna had given “Dirrty Part 2”, but sadly “S&M”‘s bark is worse than its bite. It also lacks the shamelessness of Aguilera’s coming of age bombshell single to make anywhere near as enjoyable. With that said, “S&M” is still a decent slab of filth. (more…)

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