Top Ten

     This weeks top ten songs is actually a pretty good set of songs, with the exception of one godawful tune. After you get over that it’s pretty smooth sailing with the exception of a couple mediocre tunes, but even they have their charms. Heck, there’s even a few songs that I consider to be  amongst the strongest of the year so far!  So without further ado I present to you my opinion on this week’s top ten singles. (more…)


    Well it’s been awhile, but finally I have a real post for you guys this time. I reviewed all of last weeks top 10 songs according to Billboard`s Hot 100 chart. I liked most of the songs in the top 10, there`s four that I fall under the great category, and one was even included on one of my best of lists last year. The top 10 still has it’s fair share of mediocrity though (there’s two songs that include the notorious Without further ado, here is my assessment.

1) “California Gurls”, Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg

I’ll admit I rolled my eyes when I first heard of this song. Maybe it was because Katy Perry was trying to make an answer song to “Empire State of Mind”, maybe it was because it featured Snoop Dogg, or maybe because of the ‘u’ she put in “girls”. Surprisingly though, it’s kind of great, in a novelty way. It’s not the second coming of Jay-z and Alicia’s classy megahit, it’s more like it’s nice but ditzy cousin.

Grade: B

2) “OMG”, Usher feat.

I’m I the only one who can’t wait for to fall off the music radar? Honestly, he ain’t making the song any better with his auto-tuned voice. Plus, is it necessary for him to say something about “letting the beat drop” in every one of his songs? I find he didn’t even bring anything new to the table production-wise, except for the arena chants of the chorus which were pretty cool. Usher does the best with the fairly weak material provided (though too must take some blame since he co-wrote the song). Good background music.

Grade: C (more…)