What The…

So, this guy by the name of Tyler Dean has released this song called “Taylor Swift”. As you have probably guessed it’s an ode to none other than Taylor Swift. The song is like some sort of Disney stalker anthem. I say Disney because the song is strictly G-rated, despite that fact that a guy his age would probably want to do more than just make her “turn the slightest shade of red”. The song’s creepiest moment is a toss between when this guy says he wants to track down her agent and father or at the end when he gives her his cell number and ask her to call him or text him.

If anyone is curious to hear what this messed up song sounds like you can listen to it at his MySpace.


When I first heard of Toby Keith’s new single i thought oh great another one of his patriotic anthems. However once I heard the song it left me wondering what it suppose to be all together. Is it a song mocking the modern day way of life of Americans? If so is it out of anger or just to pock fun at themselves? Could it be a song about admitting the American societies faults? Or is it some sort of sure we have flaws, but it’s what helps make us awesome kind of song? It might something completely different all together! I’m truly stumped on this one so what do you guys think?

If any of you haven’t heard it yet listen to it here (more…)