Maroon 5 know their way around a summer jam, last year’s excellent “Misery” is a fine example of such. Unfortunately, “Misery” never became the chart topping hit it deserved to be and the band’s ensuing album also underperformed. Much like another former chart-topping artist; Christina Aguilera. So it seems fitting that the fellow Voice judges/coaches would team up. And much like last year’s “Misery”, “Moves Like Jagger” feels destined to be a summer smash and with the extra push from a live performance on The Voice things look promising.

     As for the actual song itself, it starts off with a charming whistle and breezy strumming. Then a dance-y drum beat starts pulsing. Luckily, the song doesn’t get much more complex than that, making it sound clean and simple. A refreshing break from some of the more heavy-handed productions currently ruling the charts. Lyrically, the song is also pretty simple, with a male narrator trying to impress a possible female interest, who then adds her own two cents, before launching into a very catchy chorus. Although, like many Maroon 5 songs, the lyrics seem to have more of a bite than you would expect. And as always, both Levine and Aguilera sound fantastic.

     It will hardly be considered amongst either artists most ambitious work, but the song gets the job done as far as fluffy pop songs go. My only real complaint is that we don’t get to hear Levine and Aguilera really sing together. Regardless, the chorus is ridiculously infectious, more than any song that name drops a musical icon in its title has any right to be, and will hopefully reposition both Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera as the chart forces they both deserve to be.

Grade: 77/100