My Music Worldis a multi-genre music blog created by me; Canadian Boy. I am the fonder/editor/sole contributor of this blog, so it’s like my own child. You can always expect me to be honest about my opinions, because I always will. My goal with this blog is to share my diverse taste in music and open people up to artists they might not have even given the chance to even consider listening to their music before. Before I let the blogging begin there is a few ‘rules’ I would like to establish:

1) Respect others.If you don’t agree with something me or another commenter said then that’s fine. I look forward to reading your perspective on that certain situation. But if you start saying derogatory things about people, then your comment will be deleted as soon as possible.

2) Stick to the music.If someone starts talking about something other than the topic (example: starts making fun of someone, threatens someone, etc) then there comment will be deleted. If they make a habit of doing this then they will be kicked off my blog. Like I said this is a music blog, not a place for people to vent because they had a bad day.

3) Be appropriate. I think this is self-explanatory. Just like the other rules, your comment will be deleted if you break it.


2 Responses to “About and Comment Policy”

  1. Free Avatars Says:

    I enjoyed this. Do you have a RSS feed?

  2. Free Avatars Says:

    A topic close to my heart thanks. A good quick read.

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