I know it’s been ages since the last time I posted anything new, but fear not there are plenty of new posts on their way! Along with this new posts I will also be introducing a new a new grading system for my single reviews. Rather than using the traditional letter scale to grade them, I will be assigning each song I review a number out of 100. This allows me to be more precise while criticizing a song. So, I hope you readers will enjoy this more exact grading system and I look forward to hearing back from you all!


     I’ve added a cool new widget to my blog called “Upcoming Posts”. It will allow you readers to know why articles I’m currently working on. It’s not an amazing change but it will allow to know if I plan on reviewing a certain that you really want to know my opinion on. If there’s any request for a review or whatnot that isn’t on the widget then you can always leave a request in the comment box and I’ll do my best to get to it.

      I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, it’s been months in fact, but in the following weeks I will once again start posting chronically. I will admit that a lot of things have yet to be planned out but I can guarantee certain upcoming posts. Since I’ve been out of the blogging loop for a while I figure a good way to get back in it will be  by reviewing next weeks entire top 10. I’ll also be reviewing one my artists first studio album in 4 years; Christina Aguilera’s Bionic. I have some other ideas that I’ll refrain from announcing, so any of you readers out there will just have to wait and see what’s to come.

    I now I haven’t be posting very often recently, but I plan on posting more frequently. You can expect some new single reviews, some Christmas themed posts, and some year-end countdowns. I will be making 3 end of year countdowns; 10 worst songs of the year, 20 best pop songs of the year, and 20 best country songs of the year. You can be expecting those in the next few weeks.

mona lisaI’ve been saying that I’m going to update my site’s appearance  for a while now so tonight I decided to finally start doing it! I’ve started by adding photos to a lot of my old single reviews, I’ll finish doing the rest tomorrow. I’ll also add some photos some other themed posts, but not all of them. I am also going to be making my own customary poll design, so now all of my polls will be 100% original, while on the topic of polls I will be doing a double poll next week since I failed to make one this Sunday. Last but not least, I will finally get to updating the lame defunct header with my own custom one. So, hopefully these new changes will help make My Music World a little more fresh, fun, organized and nicer to look at!

      I would just like to say that I won’t be able to post as much starting next week, because of my upcoming classes and job-hunting. That’s not to mean I won’t be posting though, but it will be more weekly than daily. If my posts start becoming infrequent don’t worry it’s just going to take me some to time to schedule blogging into my everyday activities. Still a couple days until that all starts though, so lets celebrate the last few days of summer break!

       At last I have returned! I had a great vacation and I’m ready to start blogging again. In the next couple of days I’m going to try and make up for the lost time. I just thought I’d announce my return and so on. Well that’s about it, the real blogging begins tomorrow!

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